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Doctors in Niagara Falls NY Accepting New Patients

Niagara Falls Urgent Care welcome new patients who are looking for doctors in the nearby area of Niagara Falls NY. Walk-in or call (716) 297-2052 to schedule an appointment.


Doctors in Niagara Falls NY Accepting New Patients

Once a doctor takes on a certain number of patients, they often restrict their services to their current clients. This doesn’t help you at all, especially if you have pressing medical needs. At Niagara Falls Urgent Care, serving Niagara Falls, NY and the surrounding area, we accept new patients and ensure you receive high-quality care just like our existing patients do.

Do I Need to See a Primary Care Doctor Who Accepts Medicare?

This is completely dependent upon your specific needs. Keep in mind, if you have Medicare and choose a doctor who doesn’t accept it, you’re responsible for the entire cost of the visit. If you have a supplemental policy, you’ll want to inquire about what it covers since you may be able to use this particular policy to cover part of the expenses associated with your visit

At Niagara Falls Urgent Care, we accept Medicare. This helps us provide care to a larger number of people since over 59.9 million Americans were on Medicare insurance as of 2018. Of those individuals, a majority were seniors aged 65 or older.

How Do I Find a Doctor Who Accepts Medicare?

You can perform a search for doctors in your area who accept Medicare insurance. You’ll find a listing of several offices or private practices that take this particular insurance. Often, when you visit a practitioner’s or office’s website, they’ll provide you with a list of insurance providers they accept to make it convenient for you to compare your options.

Niagara Falls Urgent Care accepts a variety of healthcare insurances to make us easily accessible to most of the community. We realize, even if it’s inconvenient at times, giving individuals with Medicare access to our services helps our community thrive more since a large number of people are able to visit our clinic for the care they need.

What Does Medicare Pay for Doctor Visits?

The price you pay for Medicare is dependent on either the number of credits you have toward social security or your income, which varies based on the parts of Medicare you desire or qualify for. Once you have a policy through Medicare, it covers the same no matter what you pay for it.

If an office accepts Medicare assignment, they take the value Medicare pays without any cost to you. They make an agreement to accept an amount, even though it’s smaller than the amount they typically receive for a visit or services provided. This allows low-income individuals to receive the care they need even if they’re unable to pay their portion of the visit and services.

However, for doctors who don’t accept Medicare assignment, the company pays for 80 percent of the doctor’s visit. Additionally, they cover 80 percent of most services provided. For example, if the cost of your appointment is $150 for the visit, Medicare pays $120 for the appointment. You’re responsible for paying $30 for the visit. Then, if you receive an additional charge of $40 for the services provided, Medicare covers $32 of it. You must pay $8 for the services. Total, for this particular visit, you’d be responsible for paying $38. However, if you have supplemental insurance, you may not have a fee at all. Additionally, we’re always running specials on our appointments and treatments to help our patients acquire the care they need without having to worry about an expensive bill that they can’t afford.

Book an appointment with Niagara Falls Urgent Care, serving Niagara Falls, NY and the surrounding region, by calling (716) 297-2052. We accept most insurances, including Medicare!