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Looking for a Primary Care Doctor? We are accepting new patients! (716) 714-4112

Primary Care in Niagara Falls NY

Doctors and team of medical professionals at Niagara Falls Primary Care is open certain days weekly and treat children, adults and seniors of all ages. Call (716) 714-4112 to schedule a visit.

We are located at 3117 Military Road, Suite 1, Niagara Falls, NY

Welcome to Niagara Primary Care Located at 3117 Military Road, Suite 1, Niagara Falls, NY

Niagara Primary Care is a family practice that provides healthcare services for patients and their families.

It’s important to have a physician that cares about you and your well being. The last thing you want to feel at your doctor’s office is rushed and uncared for. Here at Niagara Primary Care, it’s our goal to make you feel like you matter to us in the way that you do.

Call us at (716) 714-4112 to make your appointment as a new patient. We look forward to meeting you and your family!