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Top Benefits of Choosing Urgent Cares Instead of the ER Near Niagara Falls, NY

Top Benefits to Visit Urgent Cares in Niagara Falls, NY Instead of the ER

Learn the 6 Benefits of Choosing Urgent Care Instead of the ER if You are Near the Niagara Falls, NY. For More Information, Contact us or Walk-in Today. No Appointment Necessary, No Wait!

Top Benefits to Visit Urgent Cares in Niagara Falls, NY Instead of the ER
Top Benefits to Visit Urgent Cares in Niagara Falls, NY Instead of the ER

For More Information, Call Us or Walk-in Today. No Appointment Necessary, No Wait!

When you’re sick or hurt, you may think the emergency room is the only place you can go to for help. But did you know you can visit an urgent care for many conditions, illnesses, and injuries? Although a visit to an emergency room is essential when you’re experiencing life or limb-threatening issues, there are many benefits to visiting an urgent care center instead of the ER.

Here Are 6 Benefits of Choosing Urgent Care Instead of the ER

1. Faster access to board-certified doctors

You don’t need to visit a hospital to see a qualified and skilled doctor, and you don’t need to waste hours waiting in an ER waiting room. While walk-in clinics are generally run by nurse practitioners, urgent care centers, with their advanced services, are often run and staffed by board-certified physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals and are able to see patients much quicker than hospitals are. On average, patients wait less than 20 minutes to see a doctor at urgent care centers, as opposed to the average wait time of 1.5 hours at hospital emergency rooms.

2. Lower out-of-pocket costs

Convenient access to health care can be expensive, but a visit to an urgent care center is actually significantly cheaper than a visit to the hospital emergency room. Urgent care centers accept most major health insurance plans and many of their services are covered by insurance, which means that the average cost of an urgent care visit is around $50-$150. However, the cost of an ER visit can be anywhere from $100-$3000 or more, depending on the services required. We believe that everyone should have affordable access to healthcare at Niagara Falls Urgent Care, so we have worked hard to be able to accept most major health insurances. We are also able to offer low-cost self-pay options for our uninsured patients.

3. High-quality diagnostics

Some clinics will send you off-site for radiology or lab services, leaving you waiting days to receive your results. At Niagara Falls Urgent Care, we have state-of-the-art diagnostics right on site so we can provide you with timely and accurate diagnoses and treatment plans during your visit. We have on-site x-rays and x-ray technicians and on-site lab services, so you spend less time waiting and more time feel better. Because of our access to on-site diagnostics, we can diagnose and treat fractures, sprains, strains, lacerations, pneumonia, colds, and flu, among other non-life-threatening conditions. We focus on providing you with an accurate diagnosis so we can provide the right treatment plan for you.

4. Compassionate care from experienced physicians

Niagara Falls Urgent Care in Niagara Falls, NY, is run by Dr. Santanu Som, who has training in family medicine and general surgery and is experienced in emergency and urgent care medicine, and his staff of nurses, x-ray technicians, and medical professionals are devoted to providing the best urgent care in the Niagara Falls area. We offer access to high-quality healthcare services with a focus on keeping our patients, young and old, as comfortable as possible. At Niagara Falls Urgent Care, you’re not just a patient: you are family.

5. Convenient access to healthcare

Urgent care centers are a type of walk-in clinic, which means that you don’t need an appointment to be seen at one, unlike at your primary care physician’s clinic. Urgent care centers are also open later, meaning that if you become sick before bed or hurt yourself after supper, you will still have access to a doctor even if your regular physician’s office is closed. If you are sick or hurt but it’s not an emergency, but you can’t wait to see your family doctor, visit Niagara Falls Urgent Care in Niagara Falls, NY. We’re open 7 days a week until 9 pm most evenings.

6. Comprehensive medical services

Urgent care centers are able to treat a variety of conditions, as long as they’re not life-threatening. If you require a quick checkup or treatment for the flu or you need relief from allergy symptoms, but you don’t want to wait to see your family doctor, you can visit an urgent care center! We don’t only offer high-quality urgent care at Niagara Falls Urgent Care, but we also preventative healthcare and primary care services. If you are looking for a team of skilled and experienced healthcare professionals in the Niagara Falls, NY, area, look no further than Niagara Falls Urgent Care. We are devoted to providing access to superior healthcare services for patients of all ages, no appointment needed!