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You might be in the kitchen cooking dinner when all of a sudden you have a terrible cut. Lacerations can cause panic, extreme pain, and blood loss, making them a severe condition that occurs in communities every single day. Accidents happen, so it’s important to be prepared. If you have a laceration, you should contact Niagara Falls Urgent Care immediately. They treat lacerations for the entire Niagara, New York area, and has the expertise to give you warm, compassionate care for your condition.

Lacerations Q & A

Niagara Falls Urgent Care

What is a Laceration?

In medical terms, a laceration is wound that’s produced by tearing soft body tissue. Because of the nature of the cut, it’s often accompanied by bacteria, which if gone untreated, can cause the cut to become infected.

Depending on the size and severity of the cut, you may need stitches to heal it. If you have a serious laceration that’s beyond just a paper cut, visit a medical professional within six hours of receiving it so that you can get the best treatment possible.

Niagara Falls Urgent Care will consult with you about the circumstances of your cut, provide you with the stitches that you need, and get you back to living life. Their warmth, compassion, and excellent bedside manner are renown in the community for making patients comfortable, even those who have lacerations.

If a Laceration Happens at Home, What Do I Do?

First things first, if your cut is bleeding severely, blood is spurting out of the cut area, or it won’t stop bleeding even after you apply pressure to it for ten minutes, it’s time to call 911. The loss of blood that a laceration can create is no joking matter. In the case of a serious laceration, it’s important that you go to the emergency room immediately.

If your cut is not that serious, you should stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the cut area, then clean it with warm water and gentle soap. After that, use antibiotic ointment on the cut area, which will help to get rid of the infection-causing bacteria.

Most importantly, contact Niagara Falls Urgent Care to treat your laceration. We’ll provide you with the care you need.

How are Lacerations Treated?

Depending on the circumstances, Niagara Falls Urgent Care may have to stop the bleeding of the laceration by applying pressure, or in extreme cases, applying a tourniquet to the affected area. Because blood loss is the biggest concern from lacerations, this is the most important step.

From there, Niagara Falls Urgent Care will help you to clean the wound with antibiotic ointment, and then determine if the laceration will require stitches to heal properly. After applying the stitches, they will send you on your merry way!

Niagara Falls Urgent Care is the best doctor offices to visit in Niagara, New York if you have a laceration that needs treatment. Contact their office today.

Accepted Insurance Providers

Niagara Falls Urgent Care works with most major insurance plans. If you have any questions, feel free to give our office a call and one of our knowledgeable staff members will be happy to help.


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    "I've been here twice and was seen immediately both times. The staff had every reason to be annoyed with me and my toddler but instead they were extremely helpful..."

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    "In and out quick. Very attentive and delightful staff! Stacey, Tan and Michelle did a great job putting my finger back together!"

    David P.
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    "I can't say enough how kind and pleasant the staff was. They did their best to be quick as my little guy was very cranky. We were in and out..."

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